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The Senkou

About Our Product

The Senkou offers an eco-friendly solution for the safe disposal of our waste. The Senkou disposes of the waste by using an innovative method of ‘Flash Pyrolysis Combustion’, which completely burns the waste at a high temperature of upto 1250°C whilst not emitting any smoke or smell.

The ‘Flash Pyrolysis Combustion’ generates a high temperature within a multi-layer incinerationchamber. These multiple layer compartments are formed by generating air curtains within the chamber. The waste is completely incinerated, and the smoke and dioxins are then suspended within these compartments for a sufficient period in order to eliminate them with the high temperature.

The Senkou

Features of our Product

Flash Pyrolysis Combustion

It rapidly incinerates at an extremely high heat, process known as Flash Pyrolysis Combustion.

Energy Efficient

The system does not require any fuel for the combustion and is self-sustaining.


The Senkou is eco-friendly and produces zero secondary contamination.


Pollution free with full compliance with the most stringent international standards for emissions.

Power/ Electricity

Senkou operates at a cost less than $0.60 of electricity per hour

System By-Product

Waste is incinerated leaving non-harmful and non-hazardous ashes.


To protect the environment and benefit the communities where we live, work and play, using eco-friendly solutions.


To ensure a clean, healthy and sustainable world through collaborating and nurturing partnerships with others.


The Senkou – Flash Pyrolysis Combustion Gommit – Food waste composter

Eco friendly ideas are the way forward in solving our communities growing environmental problems. Saga Asuka Technology takes pride in how it strives to improve community wellbeing through innovation.


  • The combustion is completely smokeless and odourless
  • Reaches optimal combustion temperature within 20 minutes
  • Being a small plant, only requires an area less than 12 square meters
    (area less than a car parkbay)
  • Extremely low dioxide emission (Well below the stringent international
  • Don’t need to pre-treat the waste before incinerating, saving both time
    and money.
  • Requires no fuel to sustain the combustion
  • No dangerous residue in the ash, which is the by-product of the process.
  • Dispose of all waste except glass, steel and stone which can be
    extracted at the end of the process and recycled.
  • Saves money on; high transportation cost in both gathering & moving
    the waste to the landfill sites and in sustaining the landfill sites

It can be used at

Food Markets & bazars
Shopping Centres
Isolated locations
Vegetable Markets

Safety Checks

Prior to exporting, the ‘Tokyo Plant Quarantine Association’ carries out a quarantine inspection and issues two certificates;

  • Plant Quarantine Certificate
  • Fumigation Disinfection Report