The Senkou

The Solution is the Senkou

The Senkou presents a complete green waste management solution. It offers an eco-friendly answer for the safe disposal of our waste, which is both cost efficient and self sustainable.

It disposes waste by using an innovative method of ‘Flash Pyrolysis Combustion’. This completely incinerates all waste except glass and metal, and reduces it to ash at a high temperature whilst not emitting any smoke or malodorous.

Taking affirmative steps today for a cleaner environment tomorrow.


Does not require any external fuel to sustain the combustion thus making it self sustaining, saving both time and running costs.

Ash as a

The Senkou is “eco-friendly”. The ash is the only residue, which is the by-product of the process. It is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic and when mixed with compost the ash can be used as a form of soil enhancer and conditioner.

Low running costs

The Senkou has an extremely low operational cost to power the electronics and fan blower at an approximate running cost of only $0.95 per hour.

Smokeless and Odourless

The Senkou does not emit any smoke or malodours during the process.

Key Features and Benefits

Operational Efficiency

The Senkou is automated and can operate continuously. It only requires to be stopped for the collection and recycling of ash, glass & metal.

Filtration-free system

This system is unique as its filter-free and does not require any form of filtration system for the emissions, saving both time and money.

Pretreatment of waste

The waste does not require to be tiresomely separated or pre-treated before incineration, both saving time and money.

Low Maintenance

The Senkou requires little maintenance and saves on downtime. The combustion chamber is self cleaning and the ash is collected into the ash chamber which needs to be emptied out periodically.

Low transportation costs

Saves money on high transportation costs in both gathering and moving the waste to the landfill sites.

Operational Ease

Only one personnel is needed to operate the Senkou, requiring basic training and supervision for operation.

Set-up Convenience

Due to the size, the Senkou can be easily mobilised across various locations & terrains and can be ready to use within 4-6 hours.

Salvage Landfill Sites

Large volume of waste no longer needs to end up in our landfill sites.

Low gas emissions

The Senkou has the lowest gaseous emissions and more than sufficiently meets the most stringent of international regulations, with ’Dioxin Emissions’ between 0.03 and 0.06ng TEQ Nm3. Considerably lower than the required international level of 0.1ng TEQ Nm0-3, thus offering a much needed ‘green solution’ to address the ever increasing waste disposal problem.

Waste Composition

The Senkou processes all types of waste from household, Industrial, commercial and clinical waste, including organic waste, high water content waste, all types of plastics and paper, rubber, oil sludge, car tyres and oil.

All waste is reduced by 99% to non toxic ash which is again reclaimed and recycled.

Patented System

The Senkou uses a patented system. The ‘Flash Pyrolysis Combustion’ generates a high temperature (up to 1250°C) within a multi-layer incineration chamber. These multiple layer compartments are formed by generating horizontal air curtains inside the combustion chamber.

Both the smoke and dioxins are trapped and suspended within the air curtains at high temperature in order to eliminate the smoke and reduce all gaseous emission. The Senkou is unique as it doesn’t require any form of ‘filtration system’ for the emissions.

The Senkou can operate continuously and does so without the need of any fuel to sustain the combustion, thus saving both time and running costs.

The Senkou uses a
patented system.

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