The Senkou

The Solution is the Senkou

The Senkou offers a practical waste management solution. An eco-friendly answer for the safe disposal of our waste, which is both cost efficient and self sustainable.

It disposes waste by using an innovative method using a unique Thermal Treatment Process. This process reduces the waste, except glass and metal, to ash whilst processing all emissions through our APC System.

Taking affirmative steps today for a cleaner environment tomorrow.

Fuel Economy

Does not require any further fuel to sustain the combustion whilst the desired combustion temperature is maintained, thus saving valuable fuel costs.

Ash as a

The ash is the main residue after the ‘Thermal Treatment Process’. The ash volume is a fraction of the original waste.

Low Electricity costs

The Senkou uses very little electricity during the ‘Thermal Treatment Process’ to power the electronics and a fan blower.

Processed Emissions

The emissions are processed through out bespoke APC System. 

Key Features and Benefits

Operational Efficiency

The Senko is semi automated and can operate for lengthy periods with minimum man power.

Filtration system

Our bespoke APC System is designed to comply with the most stringent regulations.

Pretreatment of waste

The waste does not require to be tiresomely separated or pre-treated before incineration, both saving time and money.

Low Maintenance

The Senkou requires little maintenance and saves on downtime. The combustion chamber is self cleaning and the ash is collected into the ash chamber which needs to be emptied out periodically.

Low transportation costs

Saves money on high transportation costs in both gathering and moving the waste to the landfill sites.

Operational Ease

Only one personnel is needed to operate the Senkou, requiring basic training and supervision for operation.

Set-up Convenience

Due to the size, the Senkou can be easily mobilised across various locations & terrains and can be ready to use within a short time.

Salvage Landfill Sites

Large volume of waste no longer needs to end up in our landfill sites.

Waste Composition

The Senko can process various types of waste and industries; General waste, clinical waste and industrial & commercial waste.  It can process all types of plastic, rubber, paper and organic waste.

Patented System

The Senkou uses a patented system. The ‘Thermal treatment process’ operates at high temperature, up to 1000°C.

The emissions, (smoke and dioxins amongst others), are retained within the chamber for a specified time before making their way to the filter chamber.

The emissions are processed through out bespoke APC System.

The Senkou can operate continuously and does so without the need of any fuel to sustain the combustion, thus saving both time and running costs.

The Senkou uses a
patented system.

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